I’m Aaron and this is my art.

I’m a midwestern dad of a toddler and I create this work when the baby boy says I can. While I’m fairly new at t-shirt design, I’ve been a professional designer and illustrator for, like, 12 years now, sheesh!

I started my graphic design career around 2010 doing product and web design.

From there, I transitioned to marketing design in 2012 which included an insane variety of work: print brochures, websites, digital and print work for humongous industry conventions, and even designed graphics for a game show at a convention. And for the past six years or so, I’ve been working in user experience design for a lot of mobile apps and sites.

On the illustration side, you might know me from the PopMuertos, a sugar skull remix project. I recently stepped back from that in order to pursue t-shirt design. PopMuertos helped me develop my illustration style and methods, as well as learning the business of art. I worked conventions, did art streams, and ran a website for the past 5 years and am now excited to be stepping onto this art and design path!